Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Story Table

This is my tabletop, made from clay and high-fired using oxides. All of the pieces are moveable with the intent that people pick them up and move them to create their own version of a story. My passion is telling stories using ancient symbols. This story came to me in a dream and from it, I created the table. These are all ancient symbols (please see the “Key”, below, for their meaning).

        Forest: 4 Large Squares                                             Canoes: Long Tubes
        He:  Inverted Peace                                                      She:  Inverted Triangle
        Sun: Circle & Cross                                                      Center Symbol: Mother & Child*
Moon: Fish-like                                                             Pebble Path: Small clay squares
          *used here as the Master Stone

Here’s the story:
We are blessed here high up on this mountaintop.  Surrounded by an enchanted forest we live our lives peacefully, sharing our bounty with the ancient spirits who led us here.
Rising before the sun, he leaves in search of firewood to warm us.  Stepping gingerly into his canoe he signals the watcher to turn the master stone skyward.  The drumming begins softly,  the birds begin to sing, and the message is passed through the land to watch over us while he is away.
Soleil, the sun, rises to grace us with her warmth and whispers that she will stay with us throughout this new day.  The children stir and begin to wake from their dream-filled sleep. Creatures, great and small, emerge from the thicket as we gather around the fire for our morning meal.
We take a few moments to thank the earth, water, air, wood, and fire for their alchemical blending that makes our lives complete.  Our day is filled with laughter, exploration and wonder as the animals lead us playfully through the woods.  We frolic in serene lagoons and soothing springs before napping in wild flower fields.  Late in the day, Soleil nudges us to follow the pebble stone paths back home before night fall.
As the moon gently casts its beams upon us, he returns with his canoe filled with sacred cedar and rosemary branches to keep our home fires safely burning.  Silently the watcher turns the master stone back toward the earth, the forest quiets, and stars emerge by the thousands.
Another blissful day has passed as we nestle safely in our beds.  Ink-dark starry skies tease our eyes as the faeries begin sprinkling their magical dust to carry us off to dreamland once again.
May blessings abound for all who share in this path.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


We all have stories to tell...
You are invited to share a piece of your artwork here and tell your story about it.
I'm Brenda and this is my new blog...
Welcome to the journey!

This iron gate captured my curiosity while exploring the River Arts District in Asheville, North Carolina a couple of months ago. Hand-carved steps and a sepia tone reminds me of gardens in the old South.