Tuesday, August 12, 2014

In the Blink of an Eye - A Guest Artist Post for RubberMoon Arts Blog

Knowing . . .  a profound, deep knowing continually flows through me. It is not easy to define or explain yet it is there, as sure as my next blink. A knowing so intense that the mere thought of you made it nearly impossible for me to catch my breath.

Yes, I was a dreamer, or as you so finely said,  ‘A weaver of impossible possibilities and what if’s’. You saw the dreamer in me and begged me to give myself to you. Trusting you, I took a chance and shared my deepest secrets. You devoured them, as you did me, and we melted into a dream-filled boat that carried us over challenging seas.

Ever so gingerly, we cultivated deep love, understanding and respect as we tended to and nurtured our rose-colored garden. Time passed and we continued living our respective lives, mastering our craft, choosing other lovers, yet always knowing there was an unspoken bond calling us back together again.

I awoke years later to find I had blinked and you were gone. But wait! I was the dreamer and you were my dream. Many summers and winters came, ships passed, and still I dreaded the night, refusing to allow myself the luxury to dream again.

Then one recent morning I awoke to find that as I blinked the sleep away, I noticed my wounds had healed and the beautiful rose-colored garden, once parched and forgotten, is bursting with new impossible possibilities and  ‘what if’s’.

I am a dreamer and you were once my dream.


This is a mixed media collage based on the RubberMoon stamp #417 (Dreamer) which reads: “When I was a dreamer and you were my dream”. The moment I saw that stamp, I instantly knew what to do with it. It pulled together all the words that had been wandering around in my head for so long and this piece came together easily.

My hope is that this collage theme is universal and you can relate to the quote whether it resonates as a lost love, a new-found joy, or a deep knowing and understanding that you are on the right path.

In addition to the RubberMoon stamp, I used:

handmade paper, a photography print and torn up letters to create this collage.

You can check out more of my stories and other artist’s stories on my blog at Artists Tell Their Stories. Thanks for reading my post today.

Blessings and may all your dreams be fulfilled!