Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Julianne Fuchs Musgrave, Mixed Media Artist, Tells Her Story

First of all I am an artist. Although I am also a teacher, mother, wife, daughter and friend—it is the identity as an artist that I have held the longest. This identity has and hopefully will inform everything I see and feel, and do—everything I am.

This set of albums in a clamshell box is an example of my current focus. Handmade books and the paper constructions that contain them are an open art form that allows me to work in multiple facets of my artist life.

The beginning is always abstract paintings on paper that I see not only as stand-alone works, but also as the starting point for paper construction, and even the base for kaleidoscopically abstract digital photographs. The books or boxes I construct from the hand-painted papers emerge as objects that become both inspiration and receptacles for more art.

Throughout my life as an artist and artist teacher I have always looked for avenues for the exploration of new techniques as well as the pure joy of creation. I’ve used handmade books in my own work as well as teaching students from every age and ability group.

In my current role as teacher and Director of the NIH Children’s School, I frequently work with student/patients in paper construction to build a book or object as a venue for creative expression. It’s always a joy to watch as papers and board come to life as beautiful objects that bring happiness and a sense of empowerment to children—giving them a voice.

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