Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Daryl Harwood, Mixed Media Traveling Artist, Tells Her Story

I am a full time mobile artist. I live with my fiancĂ© in our RV and create artwork on the road while we travel throughout the country, participating in 30-35 juried art shows a year. I love creating outside, directly influenced by the natural environment I find myself in. My previous medium as a ceramic artist has influenced my current body of work as a mixed media artist. The surface of my paintings are highly textured to reflect my love of this tactile nature. 

My daily work is a dynamic unchartered journey of creation. Paint, paper, oil pastel, text and maps are a few of the elements I use to express the sensual forms, patterns and textures found in nature. Nature is my jumping off point. It sets the course for me to express the delicate balance of contrasting elements and to translate them into my work.

The compositions are brought about by an intuitive process, all works are one-of-a-kind. I create a recessed box or 'vessel' within the painting, incorporating natural and sculptural elements, to produce the atmosphere, or experience, of the piece. The feeling that the artwork evokes and relationship it produces, is what is most important to me.

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