Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Faith Bradburn Keller, Painter, Tells Her Story

Putting brush to canvas for me has always seemed natural and something I was meant to do.  I primarily paint in oils and acrylics and, today, paint mostly landscapes.

Malta Landscape, Acrylic on Canvas, 9x13 - Malta is one of my favorite places to visit -
The landscape is varied and has Middle Eastern influences

As a teenager, I was greatly influenced by Caravaggio and other Italian masters and found myself studying countless paintings. I loved his use of Chiaroscuro and the exaggerated poses he painted. Because of my love of the Italian masters, I have always been drawn to the charm of Europe, especially Italy.

Cape Sounion at Sunset, Acrylic on Canvas, 11x14 -
Beautiful view outside of Athens, next to the Temple of Poseidon

Three years ago I landed a job teaching painting for a cruise line. Little did I know then how that ‘job’ would add so much richness to my life! Since then I have traveled most of the world by sea while teaching painting workshops, lecturing and demonstrating painting techniques to travelers. My travels have taken me to places I had only dreamed of before and have filled me with thankfulness and creative inspiration.

The Conqueror, Acrylic on Canvas, 16x29 - Italy -
Lonely olive tree I saw in a botanical garden that has managed to survive the effects of erosion

Immersing myself in this new adventure of teaching while traveling gave me the confidence to realize that I CAN become the artist I’ve always dreamt to be. I have found renewed strength and courage and have no fear of stepping out to experience uncharted waters within myself or, literally, the world. I just completed my last voyage and have returned home to Sarasota, Florida to focus solely on painting and teaching (on dry land for a change).

Learning from other cultures, speaking and relating to new people, some who have become forever friends, has helped me grow and more intimately understand that we are all similar.  No matter where we live, we each want what is best for our family, our country, and ourselves. I also found a spiritual connection to a Creator who loves us enough to design a new sunset, with an ever-changing array of colors every single day, for our viewing pleasure.

In The Wilderness, Acrylic on Panel, 8x10 -
Rhodes, Greece 

Wherever we docked, the first place I headed to was the museum. I was eager to set my eyes on and devour the art I had only seen in books. Some museums I visited more than once, because once was not enough. I also sought out markets, parks and old buildings, and walked down streets imagining who had walked those same streets before me. Who touched those same walls and tripped on the same jutted cobblestones? It is thrilling to know that those same places were once graced with the likes of Da Vinci, Tintoretto, Michelangelo and, of course, Caravaggio.

Old Timer, Acrylic on Canvas, 16x29 - Olive trees live for hundreds of years -
I was inspired by the gnarled twisted trunks that continue to thrive and produce fruit

I love painting landscapes because they tell a story. Landscapes continually change. The same scene at different times of the day can take on a completely different mood just by the changing light, and I seek to capture that in my paintings. That is why I enjoy painting on location, en plein air, because it allows me to experience the scene as it happens -- to actually witness the light, colors and feel of the place. I also take dozens of photos to use as reference when I’m back in the studio. That combined with fond memories of the port we’re sailing from inform my paintings.

The Fence, Oil on Canvas, 14x18 - Kefalonia, Greece -
One of the northern islands that is more green and lush than the other greek islands

To see more of Faith’s work, please visit: 

www.FaithBradburnKeller.com. You can connect with her on Facebook and on LinkedIn.

This is Week 31 of 52 Artists in 52 Weeks. Thank you for reading and sharing Faith’s post today.

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