Friday, September 16, 2016

Eileen P. Goldenberg, Visual Artist, Tells Her Story

When I am painting, I usually have a direction that I am going in. A long series of pieces, up to 350 paintings, can occupy me for a long time. Having long stretches of time to paint every day is what it takes for me to evolve the work.

The pieces that I am happy with stay, and the rest get repainted or changed to continue the process. My work is abstract, using color, form and shapes to communicate. My medium is tempered beeswax (encaustic), and I find that this material is the best one for me to express my emotions.

Encaustic Painting

Here is one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite artists.

“Art is a concrete result of the artist’s subtle feelings” Agnes Martin

In addition to painting, I create a line of functional Porcelain. I have been doing this for over 50 years. I teach ceramics to adults and kids and it is fun to see them get so excited about working with such a responsive material.  

Salt-Fired Bowl

I also draw every day. These drawings are abstract but very different from my paintings, even though they do sometimes inform each other.

Abstract Drawing

My drawings feed me in a different way than my other work, being very complex and exacting with tiny squares defining the shapes. I use ink, watercolor, markers, etc. I have many, many, sketchbooks and boxes filled with drawings.

Porcelain Vessel

This is Week 36 of 52 Artists in 52 Weeks. Thank you for reading and sharing Eileen’s story today. To see more of Eileen's work and connect with her, please visit the following links:

Encaustic work in progress