Thursday, October 20, 2016

Judith Black Horn, Photographer, Tells Her Story

Originally from Indiana, I moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 1999 and lived there for 11 years. When I started to fall in love with photography Myrtle Beach was full of subjects to capture. The ocean, flowers, Brookgreen Gardens, Atalaya, spiritual retreats, and much more that I had never had the opportunity to see before.

The Atlantic Ocean seemed to be the most mesmerizing to me. Lakes had been my only connection to a larger body of water, so the ocean consumed me and made me want to capture that beautiful part of our world.

In December 2010 my job took me to Sarasota, Florida. After relocating to Sarasota I entered a zebra canvas project and won Honorable Mention. I was thrilled because there were 356 entries in that contest. That award was a sign for me to continue with photography, which is what I really wanted to do anyway!

My favorite quote is: “Nature Does Nothing Naturally” so that is one reason I want to capture nature at its best. My coffee table book, Mother Nature, Captures of Her Children, published in 2006 is an example of what I wanted to accomplish at that time. It shows how I felt when I was photographing nature.

My energy now goes to building my metal prints for great memories. I focus on pet portraits more than anything, and I give 20% of each sale to a rescue of the customer’s choice. If they do not have a specific one, I donate to Vintage Paws, operated by Jennifer Hummel in the south Sarasota area.

The tears flow when I produce a metal print for those that have lost one of their pet families. I grew up with animals so the passion to help families remember their beloved peta makes me happy in the end, but at the time I’m making it, it is very emotional for me. However, the faces of my customers are priceless when they see the finished product.

I have also had the honor of producing metal prints for the most wonderful part of life including book authors, family portraits, events such as weddings and event award plaques, which I do every month for the Span Networking Group in Sarasota.

Business adventures with my metal photography is something that I strongly want to pursue, as the deep colors, light weight, and scratch resistant metal prints are the way to define offices, contemporary designer homes and hotels.

After all is said and done, I am living the rest of my life fulfilling my passion for photography in its many different forms. Wildlife is yet another area I am intrigued by. In April 2017, I will be traveling to Africa on the trip of a lifetime to photograph the amazing wildlife there.

I recently began online sales of a variety of products including fashion, phone covers, pillows, totes, cups and more fun merchandise using my photographic skills. I have been approached to help with a cookbook, do a photo shoot in local gift store and to photograph an event venue. All of these adventures just continue to fuel my passion for photography! Thank you for taking the time to read about my passion.

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