Thursday, January 25, 2018

Joe Ganech, Digital Artist, Tells His Story

I am a digital artist, born in Spain and grew up in Belgium. I spent my first 4 years living with my paternal grandmother in Spain because my parents, like thousands of Spaniards of that time, decided to leave Spain for better days in the north of Europe where there was no military dictatorship. When my parents found work in Belgium, my grandmother brought me over to join them.

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I did all my studies in Brussels, from primary school to middle school. I have always loved art and since I was a child I loved drawing and inventing universes. Maybe the fact of being an only child opened the door for creativity to fill long afternoons. Fortunately I had a lot of friends and the balance between introspection and sociability is still part of my way of life today.

I did not have formal training in art; I learned how to make digital creations by painstakingly teaching myself different types of software. Through many hours of watching YouTube tutorials and reading articles it has now evolved into a wonderful passion. Of course this did not happen overnight, I spent every day trying to understand others, to see how they were doing processes in order to progress without giving up. Art, for me, is personal. When I present a drawing or painting to the public, it’s like unveiling a child’s treasure which has been kept secret for a long time.

I have loved 'Art' since boyhood, and I have no favorite artist or style. I think all artists have their visions and their own universes ... and every artistic visions forms an artist’s unique and magical whole. What interests me above all, is how my thinking has expanded with the methods I discover and then incorporate into my artistic practice.

Very often, before starting a new piece of work, inspiration comes to me in visions and voices directing me to paint like this way or that way. I know it seems strange but that's how it works. I am not a medium or magician. I seem to be an instrument, with the media as my musical score and the resulting artwork being the performance.

My creations are therefore like messages that each viewer perceives according to their personal experiences and feelings. The greatest joy for me is when I have the opportunity to meet the public and hear their opinions and their personal interpretations of the images. Feedback is always important to me as it is with every artist. So my work is never complete ... as the audience continues with their comments and reactions."  

This is Week 3 of Artists Tell Their Stories. Thank you for reading and sharing Joe’s story today. To connect with Joe and see more of his work, please visit the following links: